Compañia cuerpoequipaje is an interdisciplinary art group devoted to creation and research within the scenic and performing arts that bases their work in experimenting with objects and new technologies. Formed by artists, teacher-researchers, graduates and advanced students from acknowledged local universities such as UNA, USAM, UBA and UNLP,the company constitutes a platform for the research and interaction of theatricality, live music, objects, dance and technologies.

All its members live and work in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Performers: Rocío Celeste Fernández, Sofía Galindo, Bárbara García Di Yorio, Yanina Grasso.
Costume: PheoníaVeloz.
Lightning: Jessica Tortul.
Music direction and composition: Cecilia Candia.
Photography: Patricia Ackerman.
Assistant directors: Andrea Aguirre León, Miguel Mango, Micaela Irina Zaninovich.
Dramaturgy, choreography and direction: Tatiana Sandoval.