The Company has already staged three productions and has as well worked in collaboration with other artists in the design of events and public interventions on the street, at hospitals, and in schools and parades.

They have taken partin academic conferences (with theatrical performances and oral presentations) as well as in several festivals:
X Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) 2015; A Tribute to Tadeusz Kantor, Casa de la Lectura; lV Theatre World Congress, DAD UNA, 2015; Artistic Festival of the National University of the Arts (FAUNA), 2015, Ciudad Cultural Konex, where they were given a JURY SPECIAL MENTION in the category PERFORMANCE PROJECT. Buenos Aires Book Festival (FILBA – FILBITA) 2016; Ciclo Libertad, Teatro y Performance( a series on freedom, theater and performance), 2016; Ciclo TRAMA DE OBJETOS (a series on object theatre) at Teatro del Borde, 2016; the series of Teachers Invited to the Theatre Student National Meeting, UNA, 2016; Theatre Costume Exhibition (costume on display and intervention), Casa de la Cultura, Ranchos City Hall, Buenos Aires Province, 2016; International Native-American Theatre and Puppet Theatre Festival (FITTNA) and the series ROOTS FOR KIDS, 2017; the Program Theatre in Schools, to bring performances to children, organized by Comedia (Buenos Aires Province), 2017; special performances at Teatro La grieta, La Plata, 2017; Inclusion in the curricula of Analysis of the Spectacular Text ll, UNA, 2017; 2nd International Congress of Arts, UNA, 2017 season at Espacio Teatral El kafka, 2016, 2017. Production and improvisations for the photographic work of Patricia Ackerman, 2016 -2017; Photo-performance session for the book DRAMATURGIA DEL VESTUARIO (Costume dramaturgy) by Valentina Bari and PheoníaVeloz, 2017; Silencio de Negras Theater. Premiere of LACASA, December 2017; International Theatre Congress, Montevideo, December 2017; Conferences on New Trends, UP (Palermo University), February 2018.