Pheonía Veloz 

Researcher, Costume designer and Scenographer.
Bachelor of Plastic Arts, with specialization in Scenography (UNLP). As a teacher, she has worked in UP and UTN Universities and, since 2001, she also teaches Visual Arts History (level III) in the Scenography and Costume Specialization and at UNLP university. She will soon be publishing EL LENGUAJE DEL VESTUARIO (The Language of Costume) in co-authorship with Valentina Bari. She has collaborated in more than 15 films, under the direction of important local creators: Cappelli, Stagnaro, Flenher, Desanzo and Vallejo. In THEATER she has worked with the following directors: Ghio, Landin, Ritano, Sandoval, Teichman. She is member of La Grieta theater group and Compañía cuerpoequipaje.